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Photos by Sascha

In Route to Deliver Memories

Tips & Tricks to getting the best portraits possible


Making an appointment easy is and you can start by calling 843-246-0747 or email at [email protected] Please be aware that during the summer season sessions fill up very fast. It is best if you contact Photos by Sascha AT LEAST three to four weeks before you need an appointment.

Weather: Myrtle Beach weather is FAST moving and can be unpredictable. There is always a call for 30% chance of rain, everyday, especially during the summer months. If it is raining an hour before your session, it may not be raining at the time of your session or if it is raining at your hotel/home it may not be raining at your session location. It is best to be prepared for your session. If it looks bad, we will contact you several hours in advance so you will know the game plan. If you wake up to rain and think it will rain all day or if it rains at 3pm and you think your session is ruined....chances are it is not! Welcome to beach weather!

For wedding photography, please contact Sascha 1 year to 9 months before your wedding date. Weddings book very fast and can run into our busy summer season, to insure your date, it is always best to book your photographer at the same time you book your venue.

For beach and/or outdoor portraits, the traditional attire is white and khaki. However, if you have already done the white/khaki or prefer colors, a good route to take is to dress your youngest child in a brightly color printed outfit and pull solid colors from that print for everyone else. Good colors to think about are shades of purple, green or orange. Black, brown, and navy blue are also wonderful dark colors to think about. One color we can suggest to stay away from is solid red. It does not photograph well in natural light and can reflect on the skin and make a person look 'burnt'. It is best if, ladies, you do not lotion. The sand sticks to the lotion and makes it very hard to brush off. You will be sitting in the sand and getting your feet/legs wet, wear flip flops and it is best to bring an extra change of clothes for children.

For senior portraits, keep it simple but incorporate who you are. If you love shoes, bring them! If you play a sport bring some equipment or if you love books bring your favorites. It is all about YOU!


The best portraits are the natural ones. Photos by Sascha does pose but we make every effort to take natural smiles. The trick into getting the natural smile, especially from young children is to NOT say, "Smile!"

Good words for little ones to say are:






and the always faithful Cheese!

We rely heavily on parental interaction and help. Parents can help by letting us know what the child's favorite song or story characters are, so we can talk and interact with them using these characters. It is always helpful and usually more fun when Mom, Dad and/or Grandparents are behind us making funny faces, dancing and singing. FUN, is the secret to it all!! Let the kids know it is time to have fun; laughing, giggling, singing, dancing, and jumping are all part of capturing the personality of your child(ren).

We understand that getting to your portrait session is extremely stressful. Between keeping them clean and happy, plus remembering everything you want or need, it is almost worse than going on vacation itself. When you get out of your car and you step into your session, breath, relax and remember it is all about capture the fun and love of your family.